Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Lets face it; makeup can be daunting. I often find myself bombarded with products I didn’t know existed, for imperfections I was unaware I even (supposedly) had!  I applaud all the makeup artists out there who have mastered the skill of combining all these products to create beautiful, flawless faces. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup but with my limited skill set I tend to stick with the “less is more” motto, simply to avoid looking like an 80’s pop star after a night out on the town…scary.

In my quest for quick, easy to apply products, I have weaned it down to these five. I use these everyday and it honestly makes getting ready so much easier. I recommend giving them a go!! 

1.     Moisturiser – Not sure if it technically qualifies as ‘makeup’ but for the purpose of the article lets say it does. I NEVER used moisturiser as a teenager; I was afraid it would clog my pores or worse yet make me look greasy – Ew. That has now totally changed, without it I feel my skin looks like a dried up old cactus. Other than making you skin feel like a baby’s bottom it provides the perfect base for foundation and other makeup! I’m currently using Ponds Bio Hydrating moisturiser, its super light and doesn’t look oily at all. 

2.     Concealer – I love concealer, it has come to my rescue on more than one occasion.  That obnoxious zit and those tired bags under your eyes are both easy targets for concealer they don’t stand a chance! It is even a great go-to eye primer for those of you skilled enough to dabble in shadows. I think I’ve tried every concealer under the sun and I can't go past Revlon’s Photo Ready concealer, goes on super easy and covers like a gem!

3.     Translucent Powder – I would almost go as far as saying this is my holy grail product. No matter how little or how much makeup I’m wearing I will always finish with a dusting of translucent powder. Any oil is instantly zapped, it sets your work and creates a polished looking face.  I really can’t say anything else, but urge you to try it for yourself! In particular I urge you to try Australis Translucent Finishing Powder, its amazeballs!!

4.     Brow Gel – A relatively new product I’ve discovered and I just wish I had known about it sooner! My theory is, eyebrows frame the face, therefore neat eyebrows: neat face. Get those caterpillars in shape then keep them in line with your new fave product, brow gel! To the gals who don’t have the patience to fill in their brows everyday, you can thank me later. I use Essence Brow Gel, it’s a steal too, just $3.99 from Target.

5.     Mascara – The OG, the product most of us have been using since we were 12, the old faithful mascara. I don’t think this really needs any great spiel apart from the fact that it s devastating if you forget to put it on, you walk around feeling like your eyes are bald…am I right? To avoid bald eye I use my fave Maybelline Great Lash Mascara – it was first released in the 70’s and is still going strong today! 

So there it is, you have all been on a personal tour of my (very basic) makeup bag, I hope you enjoyed the ride. I’m sure all of y’all have used these products before, however if not give them a go!!

P.s. I’m still trying to decide if Translucent Powder or Brow Gel is better…


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