Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Why You Don’t Have a Thigh Gap

Image: www.viralpost.com | Words: Jessica Scenini of behappygolovely

It’s the latest body craze flooding Instagram and the fitness world, and it’s making women believe that having ‘the gap’ makes us beautiful. But I’m here to debunk the myth about thigh gaps – why you don’t have one and why you don’t need one.

It has nothing to do with being skinny

Believe it or not some women, no matter how skinny they are, will never have a thigh gap. Why? I thought it was a rite of passage for every fit girl who dedicates her plate and workout to the Grand Thigh Canyon? Sorry to break it to you, but that’s totes not the case. I’ve seen slightly overweight girls with a thigh gap, and before you go scoffing and screaming “that’s not fair!” here’s why: The gap has nothing to do with your lifestyle and everything to do with bone structure. Yes, bone structure. Not fat vs muscle, but the width of your hips compared to the length of the top of your thigh bone (femoral head). The wider your hips compared to the length of the femoral head, the more chance you’ve got of having ‘the gap.’

You can’t change your bone structure

No matter how clean you eat or how hard you work on leg day, you cannot change your bone structure - and I forbid you to try. It’s crazes (and I emphasise the ‘craze’ part) like ‘the gap’ that push girls into unrealistic body expectations and consequently eating disorders. Besides, how many guys do you actually know that will admit they would take a girl home with a thigh gap over a nice booty? Who looks for that shiz?! That’s right, squat challenge: accepted.

Get real

Set realistic goals when it comes to health and fitness. Each and every human body is designed differently. Aim to eat healthy, exercise regularly and generally be happy. You don’t need a thigh gap to land your dream guy. Trust me, I know.


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