Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Primary school was just as much about keeping up with the latest collectibles, as it was learning your times-tables.
Now, it’s time to get toy nostalgic, but the choice is up to you – are these fads cringe-worthy, or are they deserving of a comeback?

Beanie Babies
These bean-filled beauties were the thing to have when you see in primary school. What began with a few characters, grew to over 200 animals. I wish I was the owner of the Beanie Babies empire - between 1998 and 1999, Ty Warner’s profit jumped from $1.7 million to $674 million.

In retrospect, these little gremlins are rather creepy looking. At the time, mind you, I thought I was killing it when I finally got my hands on one of these badboys.

Koosh Ball
Pretty much just a plastic hair ball, that somehow proved for hours of fun.

Pokemon Cards
Remember all your friends carrying a binder around wherever they went? Apparently Pokemon cards are still surviving – 14 billion cards were sold in over 40 countries by 2009.

Not really serving any specific purpose, except getting their hair brushed every so often, they were still one of the 90’s most iconic toys.

Crazy Bones
The only thing really crazy about these things were that we actually bought them.

For a plastic key chain with an LCD screen, there was unbelievable enjoyment with this pixilated pet – watching it eating, sleeping, and pooping… They were the substitute pet for anyone who wasn’t allowed a puppy.

Written by Natalie Lane


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