Thursday, 18 April 2013

So everyone says that there is some formula for the perfect festival outfit, usually always a typical list of ‘festival necessities’ including: fringe, floral, crowns, tribal print, skimpy bikini tops, and everything and anything bohemian.

If you want to follow along with what every other girl at the festival is going to wear then just open up a magazine to their ’27 or whatever festival must haves’. But in my outfitting tips for the festival season, I will tell you first of all – BE YOURSELF!

Never feel like you have to wear a floral crown or incorporate fringe into your outfit in some way, because honestly at Coachella this year, every. single. girl. was wearing one. Style should set you apart from the crowd (so that your favourite bands can notice you he he) so instead of trying to achieve that artificial bohemian vibe, stick to your own style.

For me, I wanted to stay away from earthy colours like cream and brown, blending like another fake hippie into the crowd, so I reached for really bright pieces instead!

First day of Coachella, my Everland Clothing Empty Garden Dress was absolutely PERFECT. Reminiscently vintage with its bright sunflower print, and the sweetheart-like structure of the dress makes it perfect for any festival or day out.

I stuck to bright accessories for all three days of Coachella too: UNIF Moody sunnies and Cobra Snake rainbow tattoo choker/anklet. My main music festival tip would be bring a light backpack with you, so you can put sweaters and leggings to change into at 1am and you’re freezing cold! I wore my favourite War is Over backpack by OMighty.

2nd Day at Coachella, Everland Freaks in Love Shorts and Declared Clothing Alien Crop Top! I was planning on wearing the whole freaks in love set, but I was gonna dance and rage the entire day so wanted to avoid any nip slippage haha.

On the last day of Coachella, I wore my Cobra Snake Parental Advisory halter top and UNIF rainbow guess what shorts. All three of my looks focused on being colourful, cute, but most importantly – me. So when deciding what to pack of your upcoming music festival, don’t think so much about following guidelines for the ‘perfect festival outfit’, wear what makes you feel happy and confident, then you’ll stand out from the crowd!




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