Thursday, 11 April 2013

Most of us would have been babies while the glorious 90s took place. Although my mum dressed me in teddy-bear leggings and white platform boots (bit of a giveaway) I was oblivious to the world of double denim and maximum midrifts going on around me. Although we might have missed out at the time, it seems the nineties style may have never left, and 2013 is our chance to bring it back in full force.

The lovely ladies and best buds, Cara Delevinge and Rita Ora have been leading the way, reliving Gwen Stefani’s iconic nineties look.

The 60s with the miniskirts, the seventies of rock and the 80s invasion have had their go in our wardrobes, now its time for the nineties to reign and here at Everland we’ve been embracing its return, while mixing it with the modern.

Here are some must haves for your wardrobe this season and some photos to spark your inspiration:

GRUNGE: Whether it’s Circular sunnies and crop tops, leather skirts and studs, or khaki and platforms, grunge is definitely the way to go for winter.

NEON AND HOLOGRAM: These are the shades of the season.  Although we’ve sold out online, you can pick up one of our epic neon beanies at Dragonberry Boutiques and Crave Yard store! (Right)

TARTAN AND DENIM: I’ve been stocking up on tartan because it’s super easy to mix and match. Look at our lovely customer Jordan perfectly mixing her tartan pants with Everland’s Crying Shame Crop (Left)

Although Gwen and Drew Barrymore were the IT girls of the era, my all time favourite would still be Winona Ryder - someone that can pull off denim and leather, and still keep it classy.

So there you have it, a short and simple guide to nineties style. When you take your step back in time make sure you tag us @everlandclothing – we’d love to see the killer outfits you put together!

Written by Natalie Lane


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