Thursday, 11 April 2013

We hope you are just as excited as we are for Everland and Dollskill becoming a super duo!
For the grunge, glamour and straight up middle finger to the conformist society, Dollskill is all sorts of amazing.
We had a chat to main gal Shoddy about running a label of bad bitches experimenting with fashion and embracing individuality and here’s what she said.

1. Dollskill & Everland twosome. Too. Excited. What is Dollskill hoping to get out of from the team? We just love to spread a style aesthetic that has been forgotten and left out in the mainstream world. If a brand is on the same tip then we are totally stoked to work with them.
2. Explain the Dollskill style:  Fucking Badass, fearless, totally comfortable with who he/she is and down to fuck shit up.
3. How does Dollskill choose brands to join the fearless fashion label? Based on what they represent, what they believe in, and what they look like (obviously)

4. What can customers expect from Dollskill this winter season? Who knows! We just got some rad alien doll toys and lil unicorn stuffed animal purses, so you really never know what we are up to in here. But we def are planning on working on new exclusives with Everland.

5. For an American brand, how does the Australian support feel – anything you’d like to say to Australian customers?  We love our Aussie babes. We can’t wait to visit you all one day. So many requests for DK pop up shops, so maybe that’ll just happen...
Aussie chicks are so damn hot! How do you all have the perfect tan and the perfect body! Forget Cali girls when you have an aussie babe standing there.

So keep lookout for amazing upcoming items this season, and catch the Everland threads and more of the Dollskill attire at
"For the misfits and miss legits - not for the easily offended. Let's party."




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