Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Here at Everland, we think healthy eating is just as important as a healthy-looking wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be lean or green to be good for you, instead we have some DIY recipes we’ll be posting to get all those nutritional goodies in your life for a small price.  

If you’ve had an Acai Bowl already at your local smoothie shack or fruit shop, you’d know you whip out $10 for it without any hesitation because it’s so goddamn good. Instead we have the simple five minute make that you can enjoy at home from the comfort of the couch.

There’s plenty of ways you can make an acai bowl, so it’s completely up to you how you want to mix and match it but here’s the Everland alternative:

Acai Berry Sachets (At your local health food shop, these badboys come in four-packs for around $8, which means you get four times the value instead of eating out)

Apple Juice

Banana x 1

Strawberries (Optional)

Desiccated Coconut

Granola (Your choice)
1. Grab out of the sachets from the freezer and break it up with rolling pin (will make it much easier to blend
2. Throw that into the blender, with a few splashes of apple juice and whiz until its a puree. (Be careful to not add too much juice, otherwise the acai puree will turn to runny mush)

3. Tip this into a bowl and add your choice of granola. Granola can be made from oats and a mix of pantry ingriedients (google if you want to get super savvy) but I use the lazy but tasty version - Vogels Cluster Crunch which you can buy in the health section at Woolworths

4. Slice up some banana or strawberry and scatter over top

5. Sprinkle your coconut on and that’s it!

This tasty snack is overloaded with vitamins so you’ll never have to feel guilty.

For Acai Berry Nutritional facts, head to Riolife: http://www.riolife.com.au/acai-berry-nutrition/  

Delicious as this is, this recipe won’t stretch your cooking skills too much, so look out for more DIY’s for the kitchen coming soon 

 Written by Natalie Lane


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