Thursday, 4 April 2013

It’s time for some more nostalgia with some tracks that should be on your ITunes if they aren’t already. Some of these may not be masterpieces musically, but they’re some of the best albums from the 90s that’ll have you singing and reminiscing.
Jagged Little Pill – Alannis Morrisette
If 33 million copies sold and five Grammys awarded isn’t enough to prove Alannis Morrisette is an amazing songstress, then get your hands on this album and find out for yourself. You Oughta Know and Ironic are my personal favourites, but it’s the lyrics throughout the entire album that make it the perfect listen.

The Bends – Radiohead
English Alternative Rock, enough said. The single Fake Plastic Trees, and this album in particular made Radiohead legendary. Download, now (Not that I’m endorsing illegally downloading or anything...)

Nevermind – Nirvana

Critics had little hope for Nirvana, but Nevermind their second album gave voice to youth, brought grunge into mainstream, and shot them to fame. We’ve all heard Smells Like Teen Spirit, but Come as you Are and Lithium are also great listens.

The Singles – No Doubt

Gwen Stefani, apart from being all-round fabulous and a style goddess, made pretty smashing music too. This album was released in 2003, but includes all her singles that made it big in the 90s.

Baby One More Time – Britney Spears
How could we forget. I think as a kid this would be one of the first singers I fell in love with. And how could you not? Britney was baben’ before she went nutso, shaved her head and had kids while she was practically a kid herself. Baby One More Time was her innocent album before she became dark and edgy, and I still use it as driving music sometimes. Yes – I sing and dance by myself in the car and pretty sure I’m not alone on that one…

Spiceworld – Spice Girls

And again, girls that made anthems for girls over the world, that we’ll never forget. Spice up your Life was their main single, but if you were a true 90s child you’d surely remember all the dance moves to Stop.

There you have it, some driving beats or tunes to dance to in your room. Oh so nostalgic.

Written by Natalie Lane


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