Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I hope I’m not alone in the fact that I’m constantly on my phone. The only time it’s not in my hand is when I’m showering or sleeping. My mum always asks why I can’t just ‘switch off’ from it. But that’s the thing – we’re all hooked into this beast called the web; it never stops and never sleeps.

24/7 we’re connected to other people’s lives on Facebook and Instagram – they’re daily excitements, pictures of their latest retail purchases (hopefully Everland clothing) and what they’re eating that day. It’s such a creative way of sharing.

On a not-so-positive note, ten years ago, if you broke up with someone, you’d probably never see them again unless you awkwardly ran into them somewhere. Now we suffer their statuses and insty pictures, a reminder that they can’t be forgotten.

It’s the new age and way of communicating - it’s still reality, but in a different form. With one defining difference. While in person, we can read each others body language, tone and whatnot. And we’re expected to abide by some rules of respect. This doesn’t seem to exist on Facebook and Instagram. And I’ll make a judgement call by saying that women are mainly the culprits, and the victims. We destroy each other – but for what purpose? It seems to be only cause we can – noone can stop us from posting what we want on the web.

Each day I scroll down my feed to see self-esteems been torn apart. As girls, we already live in a world where society tells us to dress a certain way, be a certain weight, and that ‘we’re not good enough’. None of this is true, but when we’re all victim to society’s expectations – why do we still attack each other when someone breaks out from those rules? 

It’s easy to see why bullying is still prolific. At some point I’m sure we’ve all been that keyboard warrior. I’ve been on both sides of the fence – and neither feels nice at all.

Everland’s a label that embraces individuality. So as Everland enthusiasts, we should work together to bring respect back Instagram and Facebook – showing Australia and the world that being different from what society wants, that being ourselves is okay. Let’s make an Everland pact for 2013; respect is in, online abuse is out. 

Written by Natalie Lane


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