Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It’s about time we finally meet the lovely ladies and fashion forces behind Everland Clothing. Marisa and Kira give the insider deets into how the brand started, and Everland’s plans for 2013 world domination.
How did Everland begin: the brand idea and you two as a partnership? 

M: We both originally had our own online stores, I started off selling handmade jewellery. In the end it was too much to do on my own. We had mutual friends and followed each other on Instagram. One day I took a chance and said, "Let’s join forces?" Literally, that day Everland Clothing was born.

K: One day Marisa emailed me out of the blue. Without much consideration, I agreed and Everland was born. We ditched the import side and focused on producing the clothes we wanted to wear and what we couldn’t find in stores. Looking back, it was a huge gamble because we went from being complete strangers to business partners in less than 24 hours.

What inspires your clothing designs - how would you describe the particular Everland Look?
M: Japanese street style combined with 90's popular culture forms our look. We love bold colours and fabrics, and especially mismatched patterns.
K: I think Everland Clothing, as cliché as it sounds, is about being yourself; whoever and however that is. I design clothing that I think looks cool and what I would want to wear, and it’s awesome that other people can relate to that.

How do you pick stores to collaborate with and sell Everland Clothing, is there a ‘criteria’ or do they need to share a certain passion?
M: We really had no idea what sort of a response we would get from opening our summer/autumn line. From the very early stages of Everland clothing, Hollie from Crave Yard took interest and loved our style, so we were ecstastic to get her on board. We also had a crazy fan moment when Shoddy from Dolls Kill emailed us. We always admired the designers/labels they sold so we were speechless when they wanted to stock us! We choose companies that we know will represent our brand well.
K: There are definitely no criteria; it comes down to the individual store every time. We love the stores we’re working with so far – we feel that they all represent a different element of our culture.

How does the crazy amount of support that Everland’s gained over the past six months feel to you both?
M: It's honestly been the most overwhelming experience. We aren't mega fashionistas, we literally work in our pjs all day... We are just regular girls, so it is crazy to us! 
K: Overwhelming and humbling and motivating all at the same time. Never in our wildest dreams did we think it would take off like it has, it has been incredible.

What’s next for Everland – where do you see the label going for 2013?
M: Well, if you had have asked me where we would be this year, I definitely wouldn't have said we would be stocked in 8 stores and have 50k+ followers on IG. The sky is the limit for us and we are only getting better every range we release. As long as I get to do what I love (whilst wearing my pajamas) I’ll be happy!
K:  Well, we’ll definitely be pushing ourselves creatively, emotionally and physically as hard as we possibly can. We see ourselves getting into more physical stores this year, so keep your eyes pealed!

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