Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Earlier this year, we decided to move our manufacturing process away from China. Through research, we found that Indonesia had a great reputation for high quality workmanship, artisanal techniques and also had a strong local community of expat fashion designers and artists.

In July, we traveled to Indonesia to make connections, explore the rich culture, and learn some new artistic techniques and design processes. We were taken by our local contact to a large screen-printing mill. The labor that goes in to producing just one roll of fabric is unreal, and the results are even more amazing.

The graphic design is first converted (via film) to very delicate screens, one for each colour in the print.

The length of fabric is then stuck to 32m long tables.

After that, the print is screened on to the fabric by hand, using completely organic dye made from a seaweed base. (Jump to the bottom to see a video of this process!)

Once the colour has been applied, the fabric is left to dry and then washed several times to set the print. The results are vibrant, permanent and super soft. We promise you will love wrapping yourself up in this fabric.


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