Thursday, 3 April 2014

Can I please get a ‘Hell Yeah’ for Jennifer Lopez? I think everyone forgets just how great this woman is.  The internet describes her to be an actress, dancer, philanthropist, producer, recording artist, and television personality; that’s a triple threat then some!

I’m a 90’s baby, and was about 10 when J-Lo was the most popular thing on Rage (for all of you who don't live in Australia it was like our version of MTV). I constantly blasted ‘Jenny from the Block’ while dancing around the house and wishing I could look that good in baggy cargos and a knitted hat!

She did favour a trusty pair of cargo pants, because she sported a satin pair in her ‘Get it Right’ music video. Perhaps they make you a better dancer? If so I need some as soon as possible, and preferably the satin ones; they look fancy and could be dressed up or down.

Bottom line is this lady has got it going on. If I can look half as good as she does when I’m in my mid 40’s I will be a happy girl. I will leave you with my favourite J-Lo track, probably a lesser know one, but never the less it has the same amount of sass as all her others. What's your favourite? Enjoy!

P.S. Holla at the babe lifting hay bales about half way through!


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