Thursday, 9 May 2013

Studio Flamingo recently did a shoot featuring clothes from Crave Yard and incorporating some sweet Everland threads as well. Here’s how the day went down, we're in love with the amazing images they produced!
“Early one Thursday morning while Amber and I were drinking coffee and talking shit we came to the realisation that our model for that mornings shoot was not coming. Damn. Amber had pulled a bunch of rad Everland pieces from Crave Yard and we didn't want to waste a shoot so Amber, always a mad bitch, said "Fuck it, I’ll do it".
We wandered the streets of Surfers Paradise shooting wherever we spotted a cool wall or pool or whatever. Just wild, and free, and alone. Perfect. Amber was a bangin’ model, full of energy and with no inhibitions. As always, she gave every look perfectly.
Amber and I have worked together a few times now so we have a pretty solid understanding of each other. Our inspiration was just a bunch of words like youthful, fun, energetic, bright, nineties and carefree. We were simply shooting for ourselves and it was bliss. This is what came of the day.”


Photography by Studio Flamingo, Styling and modelling by Amber at Asymmetric Style Studio

You can check her amazing photography out at:
or follow the on instagram at @studioflamingo and @asymmetricstyle


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