Monday, 3 February 2014

MEET Vanessa Aristide the creative mind behind the Crafturday Blog and the unique Fringlets.
When did you realize you had a knack for the creative industries?
Creating has always made me excited. Ever since I was a kid I loved making things—beading, tie-dying, sewing—you name it. I remember asking for craft kits every single year for my birthday growing up. I always enjoyed making wearable creations the most though, probably because of my interest in fashion and trends. Once I got to college I started making jewelry for friends as a side project and sold to the boutique down the street. That was the start of my creative career!

In one word how would you describe your personal style?

What is the idea behind “fringlets”?
The concept of fringe armlets, dubbed “fringlets”, came about shortly after college and I ran with it. I’m super into fringe, I think it’s so fun especially when you are dancing or swaying. Metal upper arm cuffs have always been really cool to me as well—my mom has some from the 70s so they’re kind of retro. I combine these two concepts to form a unique new accessory. It’s perfect for festivals or a night out on the town!

What kind of girl were they designed for?
Definitely the festival-goer. Because of the movement of the fringlets, they’re ideal for dancing at festivals! I’d also say the trend-setter, because it’s an accessory that allows you to stand-out. And of course the free-spirit.

How did Crafturday come about?
I started Crafturday to show others how to live a creative life full of self-expression. Whether it’s through the blog, or my newest accessory, I wanted to keep people informed on the latest trends without taking it super seriously. Fashion should be fun, so I started it for those that share this same carefree and fun approach.

What current trend are you loving?
I’m currently loving mesh. I’m looking for a great black mesh slouchy top to wear over everything. And I know Everland recently came out with that black mesh dress…definitely been lusting over that one!

What song are you playing on repeat?
Lorde’s “Ribs” (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)….sooooo good.

Dream Destination…
Somewhere tropical is sounding great right about now…I’m going to go with Costa Rica. Or Australia!

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