Wednesday, 4 December 2013

50% of the people pictured are wearing Jersey Vests.
Let me be the first to advise against bringing these bad
boys back. Some things need to stay buried in the 90's.

So by now, most of you would have seen the adorbs photos of Ryan Gosling and JT from their Mickey Mouse Club days floating around the Internet.

Yes, back in the day, these now archetypes of handsomeness were yet to blossom - and it's fun to see where it all began (plus, bonus Brit pre-the last two decades is a real blast from the past).

You can check out some clips here and here if over-performed, terribly styled 90's pre-teen pop performances are your thang.

JT and Britney's careers are both well documented right from the Mickey Mouse Club until present day.

We all remember Ryan Gosling's triumphant return to our screens in The Notebook, but what you may not know is that Ryan appeared in another one of my favourite TV shows, long before he and Rachel McAdams shared that beautiful kiss... in the rain... in the boat... don't get me started, I'm going to cry.  

ANYWAY, as I was saying, Ryan was in another TV show I watched avidly as a kid (or more accurately half watched through splayed fingers over my eyes). 

That's right, "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" I would rush home every day after school to tune in and scare myself silly. Why anybody thought this was an appropriate show for the Nickelodeon Channel is completely beyond me, but one thing is for certain, tens of thousands of children were fed nightmare fodder daily, and Ryan Gosling was a very special part of that.

Check out the episode below, The Tale Of Station 109.1.


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