Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas is just a few weeks away and I am getting frantic trying to sort out gifts. Yes, I’ve left it until the last minute... again.

I’m the kinda gal who agonises over wrapping paper and ribbon selection; every detail has got to be perfect. To be honest, I probably spend more time in the wrapping stage than the buying stage of the gift experience.

A few days ago, after being sucked in to the time vortex that is Etsy, I came across these cute as shit gift cards and stationery from LemonDropPapers.

I vividly remember the torture of having to patiently and considerately read through a greeting card before enthusiastically tearing in to the attached present. It’s not until you get bit older that you appreciate the sentimental value of cards. Greeting cards (and tipsy Sundays) are one of the few mediums through which many of us feel comfortable enough to have a bit of a soppy moment with our friends, or tell our mums how much we really do love them.

This year, I’m getting these cards for my nearest and dearest because gift giving is super fun, especially when it’s thoughtful.  Why go to all the effort of buying a really personal gift just to top it off with a stock standard, run of the mill greeting?

Oh, and if Christmas ain’t yo jam, LemonDropPapers sells plenty of other styles and themes (including the cutest teensy little envelopes separately) so go chuck them a look.  


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