Tuesday, 18 June 2013

This lady needs no introduction; we always want to know what's in Robynhood's Closet. Robyn's been showing some true Everland style on her blog lately, and now she has some snaps to share with us! Here's what Robyn had for Everland...

While going through my multiple chest of drawers the other day….I finally found my Everland crop tops again!! I know what you’re thinking, “first world problems” and YES you’re absolutely right…..I have sooooo many clothes in my house that I often lose my clothes IN the house lol. But any who, whenever they resurface it’s like Christmas all over again!! :)Oh Australia must be such an awesome place!! Because they seriously always have the BEST styles!! And Everland is no exception!! Today I’m WERKIN with the Yin/Yang Crop Top from Everland Clothing and Penny Lane Crop
I’ve already done a couple posts in the past using this same top, so in this post I wanted to show you a few more ways that I’ve styled or am planning to style this top!!

I love this print because it totally reminds me of the 90s and it’s got a grungy Spice Girls feel to it…..and if you know anything about me, you’ll know that I am completely obsessed with the 90s and all things Spice Girls!!
I find myself wearing these tops way more than I wear most everything else I own and I mean hey, could you blame me? They’re just too darling and practically takes any outfit to the next level of SWERVE!!

Written by Natalie Lane


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