Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Multi-talented Maighan has started her own mini label, dipped into photography, and had her artwork reach distance shores, all at the age of 19. Epitomising the essence of Everland, she gave us one spot-on style quote: 
"I wear exactly what I want, and what I love despite the thoughts of others. I try to think of C.S Lewis' words if I ever am self-conscious; 'Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

How long have you been painting for and why did you start?
I have only recently begun painting in the last couple of years as I have always been more interested in photography. However, in the past year or two I have discovered just how much I truly enjoy it, and how incredible it is to see this finished work in front of me, speaking volumes to whoever sees it. 

How would you describe your style?
It's always hard to describe my style to anyone, especially because it differs with each person who views my art work. I guess my own style has been developed, pulled apart, reconstructed and refined so much since I started that I have ended up with this somewhat signature style to my painting - I love bold strokes with thick brushes and enjoy working with oil paints over acrylic. I tend to lean more towards shades of grey with small explosions of colour, and I love to just let the paint do what it does naturally.

What inspires you in your painting?
The main driving factor in my paintings is my psychological state. I have suffered from severe depression for years and I find this to be a productive and effective outlet for this. Most of my works speaks of the disappearing line between reality and imagination, struggles of truth and falsity, the question of life and the inner turmoil we all feel at some stage in our life where that alternate persona whispers that we are not good enough. I see that many young people are alienated by their own mind as well as the people around them, and I hope to speak to these people through my work, and relate to them in some way.

In your personal opinion, how hard is it for young artists to get their work out / get recognized these days?
Honestly, no matter what anyone tells me about there being so many opportunities for young artists and designers, I believe it is incredibly difficult. As young people, we love to challenge the normal, break the rules. Because of this, many people push us down. I think that the trick is to keep pushing back, let people know that our opinions and struggles DO matter, that we are the future and we have unlimited potential. It is difficult to get your designs out there, but we all just have to keep pushing. 

What have been some of your highlights so far?
A major highlight for me was having my photographic series 'Endures Forever'  chosen to be toured around Australia with a few other artworks. It was incredible to have people see my work and see what I wanted to express through it. This was then continued even further when my work was chosen to be displayed in Osaka, Japan as part of the 'Art Unlimited' exhibition. To have my work recognised like this was the push I needed to continue what I was doing.

Tell us about your label Alien Doll? 
Alien Doll is like my alter ego. The part of me that is fierce, drives for success, and doesn't care what anyone thinks. I had been designing for a while and decided to begin my own little Etsy store called AliendollCreations to try and get my products out there. It's still taking off, however i have really enjoyed promoting it. I am currently working on a collaboration with Rachel Lynch of IHATEBLONDE which is quite exciting, I cannot wait to see her rocking my designs on her blog!

What are your future goals, how do you see yourself taking your art and designs further?
I am currently in my first year of university, and in the future I hope to come out with a degree and a very refined style in my art practice. I am excited for all of the opportunities that may arise, and I intend to continue with my store and hopefully expand on my designs as well as my artistic practice. So watch this space, because I hope that big things will be coming!

Take a peak at Alien Doll Creations at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AliendollCreations 

Written by Natalie Lane


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