Monday, 27 May 2013

Starting this week, our friend fashion bloggers will be giving you the style lowdown in guest entries on our Everland blog!

To start off the Fashion Blogger Guest Entry of the Week, we’d like to introduce to you the wonderful and whimsical Holly, creator of Waanderland. Holly has been an Everland loyalist since our beginnings, and in the past few months, we’ve watched her blogging skyrocket to success. Holly oozes 90’s aesthetic, and here in her guest entry, she provides some styling tips for Everland’s staple item – the Penny Lane crop.

"I was so incredibly excited when Natalie from the Everland Clothing team asked me to do a guest fashion entry for their blog. As an avid fan of everything the girls from Everland Clothing do I would love nothing more than to share a few ways that I go about styling my favourite pieces from Everland Clothing.

It’s still such a foreign experience for me when people ask me for styling tips. I guess this is mainly because I don’t actually live by a set of fashion rules. I’d like to believe I’ve come pretty far from the rebellious teen that didn’t wash her hair for weeks - it was only recently that I decided I had had enough of being told what to do and started rebelling by basically wearing what ever the hell I wanted.

I’ve found a sense of style that makes me feel completely confident; I really think that confidence is the most important thing for anyone to find and has been my key to happiness.

I’m a 90’s baby and I get so much joy from re-living 90’s trends. When I was growing up my mum would always say things like, “Oh gee, that poor lady is stuck living in the 80’s,” or, “Wow - shoulder pads are back? Can we leave them in the 80’s?”
But then I think if you’ve got a good thing going why let it go?

Everland Clothing basically fulfils every 90’s desire I’ve ever had. Yin Yang’s, Smiley Faces, Chokers and Sun Flowers – I would have brought the lot if I wasn’t such a poor uni student.

I played it safe and brought the Penny Lane crop; though I did make the mistake of buying it two sizes too big. This crop has been a major staple item in my wardrobe; I basically wore it for about two weeks straight and featured it in so many Instagram OOTD’s.

The two outfits that still remain to be among my most favourites can be seen in these photos, and on my blog. The first was styled with some plaid cropped pants from The Editors Market. It was a no brainer for me as I feel The Penny Lane crop was made to be styled with plaid. To push the whole look even further into the 90’s I chucked on a pair of Y.R.U platform sneakers. It’s a pretty basic day look, but combined with the knot buns and simple make-up, it still remains one of my favourite outfits.

If you can’t get your hands on a comfy and decent pair of plaid pants, any kind of cropped pant would work well. It’s a nice change from the obvious choice of denim jeans. I think it’s really important to mix up your look with items that you wouldn’t normally wear. I also have a corduroy jacket tied around my waist.
Can I just say that corduroy is a completely underrated fabric!
It was huge in the 90’s and 00’s and I feel it deserves a come back. But if corduroy isn’t your thing, a cute cropped denim jacket will top-off the look nicely.

The next Penny Lane outfit features a vintage plaid skirt, but could also be paired with a leather or denim skirt. Though it was the middle of autumn when I shot this outfit, it’s definitely more suited for springtime (I was absolutely freezing all day).  To make an outfit winter appropriate, throw on a pair of stockings and a long sleeve shirt underneath and top it off with a basic black beanie.

This outfit features one of my favourite pair of shoes, the Unif Cross Trainer in all its holographic glory. Nothing says 90’s more than pair of holographic shoes. To me, the vintage denim jacket featured in the outfit is the holy grail of all denim jackets. It was such a lucky find and the bright blue acid wash is a nice change from the usual.

The other two items from Everland Clothing that I have featured in a few of my blog posts are the Glittered Daisy Choker and the Cannabis Cuff. You can see that this choker is ridiculously versatile. In one of the looks I’ve used it as an accessory to make my outfit just that little bit more girly. The pastel blue Wildfox sweater compliments the choker perfectly. I was worried that this look would be a little too glittery considering my leggings also have a ton of glitter in them, but who doesn’t love glitter? Plus I knew that my Hellbounds would give my outfit that little bit of edge that it needed. I also threw on the Cannabis Cuff to finish off the outfit.

Lastly you can see how the Glitter Daisy Choker can go from being super girly to that little bit more street. I really needed an item that would stand out amongst the dark base of leopard and black. For me, I’m constantly struggling to find that balance between girly and tomboy, which is where my beloved choker came in handy. You don’t always have to pair the expected together.

There is nothing more ‘stylish’ than taking a risk and throwing in a curve ball.  Much like mixing patterns, mixing style genres is always going to be a risk. Taylor swift did it with sundresses and cowboy boots. Sometimes these risks pay off and other times they can make you look back on your outfits and cringe- much like the way I feel about only shopping in the boy’s section of Just Jeans from the age of 8 – 10. I still experiment every day and I still make huge fashion mistakes, but I never regret having the guts to do something different." 

Holly will be back with another entry soon, but in the meantime, fall in love with her wardrobe and style at 

Written by Natalie Lane


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