Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Is there anything more enchanting than an entire website dedicated to isolated cabins, located in the most beautiful places on earth? 

Not in my opinion.

Cabin Porn touts itself as 'inspiration for your quiet place somewhere' and exploring it has been one of my favourite imagination-indulging pastimes. The site boasts a huge collection of unique, awe-inspiring cabins in the most remote and beautiful corners of the earth. The cabins ooze peace, quiet and adventure and remind me of something straight from a fairy tale.   

Who else wants to quit their day job and move in?

The Snowbird Glacier Hut in the Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska.
Cabin near Grövelsjön, Sweden.
Mountaintop cabin built by Arne Næss in 1942 in Hallingskarvet, Norway
Cabin in Djúpavík, Iceland.
National Forest Service cabin on Denny Creek, WA
Hunting cabin in Northwestern Wisconsin.
A treehouse in the woods near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
Glaciology cabin near Sentinel Glacier, British Columbia, Canada.
A-Frame in Trysil, Norway.
Island Cabin on Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Cabin on a fjord in Kapisillit, Southern Greenland.
A salvaged window house in Christiania, Denmark.
Geodesic cabin in Welches, Oregon.
Cabin next to Senja Island, Norway in the Arctic Ocean.
Tatekova koliba (Tatek’s Cabin) in Velebit, Croatia.
Ice fishing shack on Lake of Two Mountains, Québec.
And our favourite for last...
Log cabin in a Norwegian boreal forest.

See more here.


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