Monday, 17 February 2014

* TRIGGER WARNING: Please note this post contains material that could be disturbing to some readers. 
Cotton Balls and Orange juice. Sounds like the start of some crazy science experiment right? Wrong. It’s the latest diet craze sweeping not only the fashion world, but filtering down through our society to teenagers and even young girls, desperate to stay thin.

The theory is you soak the cotton balls in orange juice to mask the disgusting flavor and provide your body with just the right amount of sugar to stop you from fainting. After ingesting, the cotton balls swell in your stomach making you feel full and hey presto you’ve ‘eaten’ without a single calorie to worry about. Congratulations, you truly are a dietary genius.

Let me point out a few flaws in this diet other than the fact of that it is totally ridiculous. Cotton Balls aren’t made from cotton – no surprises there. They are made from plastic fibers, which are bleached and made to look like cotton, so essentially you may as well eat a button. 

Apart from the fact that this diet has no nutritional value what so ever and will leave you in a terrible state of malnutrition, it can also lead to serious health issues such as blockages in the intestinal track – not pretty girls.

It’s terrifying we live in a world that is constantly fueled by media, demanding women look “perfect”. When will this stupidity end, it is by no means fair that we as a society or industry are pushing our youth and girls as young as 10 to destroy their bodies. 

I guess all I am trying to stress is that you need to respect yourselves and your body, you only get one so treat it with love, now go fill it with chocolates, not buttons.

P.s. Chocolate Buttons are allowed.   

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