Wednesday, 11 December 2013

We are excited to present to you the first of our DIY series - get ready to be wowed by our favourite do it yourself tricks!

We all know wrapping gifts can be a total nightmare. Finding nice, reasonably priced wrapping paper is  a challenge and we get that! This year Everland has got you covered. We have complied a step-by-step guide to making your own gift wrap that looks cooler than anything you could buy - and is completely budget friendly!

Tissue paper - $2 for 6 sheets
Colour yarn - $1.80 per ball 
Embroidery thread - $1.50 per colour
Brown paper - $3.70 per roll from woolies (they sell those half rolls which are perfect for gifts) 
Coloured and/or plain card for gift tags - $0.90c p/sheet
Ribbon to tie your gift tag (or you can use yarn) - $0.90c
Fabric of your choice - (we used 1 metre of white mesh - and it's much more than enough!) $12.70
Candy canes - $3 for box of 12
Glitter & confetti - $2 per colour
Double sided tape - $3.40
Sticky tape - $2
Hole punch - $8
Scissors: from home
Ruler: from home

(We purchased most of our materials from Spotlight for all the Australian babes out there! For every other babe you should be able to find most of things at your local craft store or news agent!)


1. Set up your work station

2. Wrap your gift in a sheet of tissue paper and secure with tape

3. Wrap the gift again in brown (or any colour!) paper and secure with tape

4. Get creative with the yarn, remember to incorporate splashes of colour. Braiding the yarn worked well for us!

5. Now its time to make some pom poms (We used a mixture of yarn and embroidery thread to create ours)

6. Wrap your preferred thread around a ruler numerous times (the more times around the ruler the thicker your pom poms will be).

7. Slide the thread off the ruler, then using the end piece wrap the bunch of thread around the middle and secure (tip: leave the piece of thread your securing the bunch with long and use this to wrap the pom pom around the gift)

8. Cut the loops in the thread and trim the string to make the lengths even

9. Fluff up the thread and secure to the gift with a candy cane and gift tag


10.  After wrapping your gift in brown paper add a strip of tissue paper that provides a contrast to your fabric and wrap that around your gift
 Attach pom poms, gift tags and candy canes for that extra touch!

If you're after a quick, gift wrapping solution this will be perfect for you…

1. Wrap your gift in tissue paper

2. Re-wrap your gift in brown paper

3. Peel one side of the double-sided sticky tape off

4. Dunk the revealed sticky side in either glitter or confetti

5. Peel the other side off and attach to your gift

If you love the idea, but don't have the time we are offering FREE gift wrapping on all purchases this weekend (14th - 15th of December) - just visit our online store!

We want to see your rad recreations so don't forget to hashtag #everlandclothing AND #everlandDIY


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