Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Merely 17, Juliette Murray is making her way through a Law & Arts degree while fueling her passion for both film and digital photography. In amongst her studies, she’s ventured around Australia to shoot, and looks forward to snapping in Japan at the end of the year. Here were Juliette’s answers for Everland’s Young Creatives series:

How long have you been taking photographs and why did you start?
I have been taking digital photographs for about six months now, and before that shot 35mm film for two years. I started because my head was full of images, and when I picked up a film camera by chance, I found out that I could actually translate them into something real. When I was developing, and I spent my entire week’s pay on film, at the age of 16, I decided it was time to learn the digital process. 

How would you describe your style?
I would describe it as a combination of many photography styles, and as cliche as it sounds, like life in pictures. Although as of late I have been following a more fashion-based path, I truly love a fusion of styles to create a beautiful image. 

What drives and inspires you in photography?
I am constantly aiming to get better and push myself to achieve more. I have so much to teach myself, I'm addicted to this process of learning and creating now. 

In your personal opinion, how hard is it for young photographers to get their work out / get recognized these days?
I really feel as though it is easier than ever. Of course, there are a million other photographers who are better than you or have better editing skills, more models, more stylists and makeup artists to choose from and better equipment. Also, the Gold Coast is a relatively small place and I constantly face issues of other photographers 'borrowing' inspiration such as models, locations, etc. Which of course frustrates me, but I believe in giving my photographs everything and trusting that they'll be unique in some way. It's having faith in this that's important to me. 

What have been some of your highlights so far?
Being able to work with many up and coming models, agencies and brands; working at QT Fashion Week, and looking back on my photographs knowing I've created something from my own imagination. 

What are your future goals, how do you see yourself taking your photography further?
I plan on travelling to every country that inspires me, photographing the people that I meet and the people I love, and creating many more images. I'm not focused on photography as a job, although I would love it. I am currently studying law which also makes me happy, and the way I see it is if I ever have to force photographs to make money, it won't be worth it. 

 Check out Juliette's work at: www.thisdeepsea.com 

Written by Natalie Lane


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