Monday, 10 June 2013

Just in time for her birthday, Holly received another Everland delivery to style for us. These pictures are so sweet they'll give you a toothache, or sugar-cravings at least... 
Happy Birthday Holly, your birthday cake is well-earned!

I’ve been asked (more so told) numerous times “are you really going out like that?” or “you can’t wear that colour, it’s not flattering,” and I find myself responding with - WHY? When I dyed my hair ginger I was bombarded with comments from others saying that I would be limited in what I could wear. The one comment that hurt the most was when I was told I couldn’t wear pink anymore. No. Just no. Pink is basically the epitome of my existence and if pink and ginger clash then you can take your styling rule and fuck off.

I should probably explain that I’m currently studying which means I have very little funds and have to prioritise my spending. When Everland Clothing released their winter collection the conversation with myself basically went a little like this, “how many more days can I drive around on an empty tank and live off of ramen noodles?” – I ended up ignoring the grown up inside that was begging me to be responsible and purchased the Big In Japan sweater and the As If skirt, both pink.

With these outfits, you can either go the obvious choice and pair these pieces together and chuck on some Doc Martens for a day look or Hellbounds for the night. But I am not known for doing anything the simple way. I would separate these items and make two completly different outfits.

Firstly, I would pair the As If skirt with a fishnet, long sleeve crop and if I’m feeling courageous I’d just wear a cute black bra showing through underneath. Or if I’m not, I would chuck a black camisole on to make the look a little more family friendly (I’m wearing a Jac Vanek crop).  My go-to pair of shoes are my Demonia Creepers and I would probably pair them with a plain pair of black socks as the outfit is pretty busy! If it’s cold, throw on a second hand/vintage acid wash oversized denim jacket. And if you find yourself constantly cold all the time like me, a standard black beanie never goes astray. 

I would say this outfit is defiantly 90’s street and your best accessory is your ability to confidently walk around and not give a damn. By the way, you can pretty much interchange any of the As If skirts into this outfit. Top the whole look off with a heavy and dark purple lip; I use the one by Kate Moss X Rimmel. I’ve also thrown on my Dark Moon Cult leg garter to toughen up my look!

My second outfit features the Big in Japan sweater. I guess now that I think about it, I do have a pretty standard rule when it comes to crops. I will always pair a crop top or cropped sweater with something high waisted. As it’s winter in Australia I will probably team my cropped sweater with a pair of Nasty Gal high-waisted grey acid wash jeans. Along with a standard black belt and leather (or pleather) Moto Jacket. 

As most of the outfit is pretty straightforward I would throw off this balance with my favourite holographic Unif Cross-Trainers and a black snapback. If you find jeans uncomfortable, you hate pants or your going for a night-time look swap them for a leather skirt. Or in my case a patent leather dress paired with my hellbounds! This just means that you might have to opt for a different jacket, as I don’t really enjoy wearing double leather- but if you don’t care kudos to you, you go out and you rock the hell out of that double leather. (Victoria and David Beckman’s will probably high five you as they rocked matching Versace leather outfits in the 90’s)

My final outfit features the amazingly pastel Philadelphia Freedom skater skirt! I’ve paired this baby with my OhMighty! velvet turtleneck crop. A simpler white crop or jumper would also be suitable! (or if your really feeling pretty, the Big In Japan Sweater looks amazing with this skirt) On my feet are the Unif holographic cross-trainers, which are made that little bit cuter by my American Apparel frilly socks. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to throw my hair up into pigtails; this outfit is just so sweet and innocent. And if you wanted to know the cake that I am stuffing my face with is actually left over birthday cake that my wonderful and talented mother made (which is tie-dyed to match my skirt).

 I could go on for days with styling outfits in my head but I have already rambled for so long. I hope you guys enjoyed my attempt at styling some amazing pieces from Everland Clothing. I cant stress enough that style isn’t about listening to what people tell you to wear, it’s about exploring ideas that make you happy. That is basically what I’ve been doing for 21 years and there is never a day that goes by that I don’t have someone telling me how ridiculous/amazing I look. You can’t go wrong when styling any of the pieces from Everland Clothing as there is something their for everyone. Just remember to be confident and never EVER let anyone try and depict what you should wear- it is your life, your body and your happiness!

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Written by Natalie Lane


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