Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Whimsical with words, Hanna Begic enjoys profiling beauties in her spare time as she works towards finishing her Journalism and Literature Degrees. She’s developed her own distinct style in her snaps and she has a vocab I can only envy - she is a writer destined for great things.

How long have you been writing for and why did you start?

I have been writing ever since I could construct a sentence together. Honestly I don't remember a period without that burning passion to put pen to paper. I grew up in a European Bosnian family and I was always encouraged to pursue English since it was my second language. Then I realised that writing allowed me to express myself in ways that I could not as a child.

How would you describe your style and/or genre?

My style is very descriptive, I love having the ability to spend hours searching for the perfect word to use. Every word is important. Through description, people can relate and imagine my world through my eyes. I want them to experience what I experienced.

What drives and inspires you in Writing?

People and places inspire my writing. The raw essence of them is what fuels my creativity. I love to write about the beautiful people we meet everyday. No bullshit about presumption or what people heard. Just the individuals in the moment.

In your personal opinion, how hard is it for young writers to get their work out / get recognized these days?

I believe it is hard to succeed as a young writer but not impossible. For many of us, the chance of earning money for our words to pay for rent and food are slim. We will have to sacrifice more and live with more uncertainty than most of our peers.

What have been some of your highlights so far?

Personally the highlights for me have been the opportunities to be graced with meeting beautiful people having a chance to collaborate with passionate individuals. Each story is different and I personally learn something from each of these individuals.

What are your future goals, how do you see yourself taking your writing further?

Essentially providing a roof over my head with the money I earn through my written work would be phenomenal. I would love to grow and push boundaries as a writer experimenting with various mediums from web to print. Currently though I envision continuing and developing my photographic and written project that fuses the two entities together on a singular platform. If by some chance people read and thoroughly enjoy what I create, then that's all I can ask for.

I highly suggest you read Hanna’s mesmerizing blog at: www.dominoverona.com
Written by Natalie Lane


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